Cannabis Emerges as Possible Cure for Parasitic Infection


There is much that cannabis can do for us, and perhaps much more once we really begin to dig into the remarkable capabilities of this plant. A little known tribe of pygmies that reside in the Congo, called the Aka, tend to smoke a lot of cannabis. They also have a high rate of parasitic infection. The silver lining? Those who smoke significantly more weed (typically the men), have a dramatically lower instance of said parasitic infection.

While the science is still as yet thin, there is some promise within the notion that cannabis, THC in particular, can play a role in minimizing parasitic infection. The study found that 95% of the Aka are infected with parasitic worms. They then looked at the “worm burden” in the Aka’s fecal matter and determined that those tribe members who reported smoking the most cannabis (verified by the trace THC found in the stool samples) also had the lowest amount of worms in their feces.



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