Ohio Assembly Wants to Thwart ResponsibleOhio Monopoly


In Ohio, a handful of marijuana legalization groups are scrambling to get their competing voter initiatives on the ballot for 2016. ResponsibleOhio is the most notable of these groups and has drawn heavy criticism from both sides of the debate for seeking to establish a grower monopoly in the state.

In response to the criticism, lawmakers have introduced a measure which, if passed, would thwart ResponsibleOhio’s would-be marijuana monopoly.

Introduced by Reps. Mike Curtin and Ryan Smith, the proposed measure would place a voter initiative on the ballot for 2016 that would “prohibit an initiated constitutional amendment that would grant a monopoly or special economic interest, privilege, benefit, right, or license.”

In short, it would nullify the provision in ResponsibleOhio’s voter initiated constitutional amendment that would only allow 10 marijuana growers to be licensed in the state. The proposed measure has support from both the House and Senate leadership, and has a solid chance of passing in the Ohio Assembly and getting on the 2016 ballot.




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