Here’s an alphabetical list of Countries and States that have legalized treating yourself with the natural plant, cannabis


The first up is Argentina where it’s legal for personal use in small amounts (in private).

Australia: Illegal (decriminalized in some states) One or two plants may be privately grown for personal use in the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. Personal grows of up to two plants are decriminalized in the Northern Territory.

Belize: Illegal, but mostly tolerated.

Bolivia: Illegal (but decriminalized).

Botswana: Illegal, but mostly unenforced.

Cambodia: Illegal (but decriminalized for possession, sale, and growing)

Canada: Illegal (but mostly tolerated and legal in some cities) Selling it is technically illegal but Legalized & regulated by some cities.

**Chile: Is pretty good. Legal (up to 10 grams) Illegal to sell but legal to transport (up to 10 grams) and it’s Legal to grow (up to 6 plants for personal use)
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