Daily seizures prevented 9-year-old Alexis Borell (photo above) from doing many of the things she loved, like riding bicycles. The young girl from Texas said she would spend all day in bed. After a terrifying episode in February, in which her parents feared for her life, the family decided to move to Colorado where Alexis could legally use medical marijuana.
Twice a day, Alexis takes a very specifically titrated cannabis oil with a mixture that is 15 parts CBD oil to one part THC, the controversial ingredient that can cause a high but also improves the effect of the cannabis oil. The medicine has worked wonders for the girl. Her father, Dean Bortell, said,
“We’re not seeing symptom reduction. We’re seeing symptom elimination.”

Alexis now only experiences a seizure once a month as opposed to the daily episodes she used to endure. Cannabis oil works to calm the activity in her brain, an effect that no pharmaceutical in Texas ever had. Additionally, Alexis’ medication costs only $160 a month with no need for insurance coverage.
bortell medical marijuana
Her home state of Texas still views marijuana as a Schedule I substance, which makes it illegal even for medicinal purposes. Lawmakers in the state are considering legislation that would allow patients to legally take medical marijuana, but Dean Bortell said the THC dosage permitted by the bill is not high enough to help his daughter. He said,
“Don’t fear this medicine. Cannabis is safer than seizures.”
Colorado grower Jason Cranford would agree. He has cultivated thousands of plants used for medical marijuana, including one called Haleigh’s Hope, which is a special strain used for epileptics. He estimates that he has helped treat around 200 children. Cranford, holding a pill filled with cannabis oil, said:
“People aren’t rolling joints. They aren’t smoking bongs. They’re not giving bong hits to children. They’re giving children products like this.”
Until the laws in Texas change, the Bortells will continue to live in Colorado, where their daughter can actually live her life instead of spending it in fear of daily seizures. She may be happy, but she is not at home.



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