We grow cannabis to ease our son’s suffering

CANNABIS therapy has been a godsend for Jeremy Bester, who has had a devastating brain injury since he was six, says his mum, Lyn Cleaver.

Ms Cleaver has appealed to federal Parliament to approve a proposal to legitimise the growing of cannabis by “hundreds, if not thousands” of Tasmanians for medical use.

The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee on legalising medical cannabis last week recommended support for the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014.




Ms Cleaver said a viral illness had left her son, 24, permanently brain damaged and suffering severe and uncontrolled epileptic seizures.

She said last year, when other medications were not working and doctors had ruled out brain surgery and dietary measures, Mr Bester’s family decided to act.

Ms Cleaver said as well as easing his symptoms, cannabis therapy had enabled the dosage of two pharmaceutical drugs to be dramatically reduced and a third withdrawn.

She said he no longer suffered the drugs’ side effects, which included vomiting, blurred vision and behaviour resembling drunkenness.

“We home grow cannabis medicines to rule out the risk of poorly made medicine … medicines that contain no cannabinoids,” she said.

Ms Cleaver said Premier Will Hodgman and Police Minister Rene Hidding had told her police did not seek to prosecute “people like us”.

Mr Hidding told a Budget Estimates hearing in June that medicinal cannabis users had nothing to fear.

Police Commissioner Darren Hine had earlier said police did not charge medicinal cannabis users, but were obliged to seize any cannabis found.

Originally published as We grow to ease son’s suffering




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