Un malato con morbo di Parkinson fuma cannabis.

Un altro video ci mostra l’effetto istantaneo della cannabis nei malati affetti dal morbo di Parkinson. Un’aiuto semplice ed immediato. Avviene in Israele, dove la cura con la cannabis è ad un ottimo livello di professionalità e servizio. Non come da noi.

Weed like to talk – Italy




Bambini informati sulla cannabisUna bambina di dieci anni ti spiega la cannabis meglio di quanto potresti spiegarla tu stesso. Cosa si prova?


Weed like to talk – Italy


Cannabis saves him EVERYDAY

11-11-2014 Seth went into status after having a few days cold like symptoms. Within 24 hours and a nonstop nasty seizure (lating six weeks)he was place into an intubated med coma by the docs who said it was to save his brain and body. For six weeks after that, dozens of tests, brain and muscle biopsy, they still had no answers. The finally came back with a FIRES diagnosis.


They said he wouldn’t live, we had our hospice visit and they told us it was time to take away the ventilator. Momma demand that they show us Seth couldn’t breath on his own without all the meds they put him on. It took 2 weeks to draw back the meds slowly enough to see if he would be strong enough to breathe. They then told is the MOST we could hope for would be to have brain damaged child who would only ever be like an infant. That someday he might even learn to crawl.

Boy did he show them! He DID breathe on his own! Slowly he came back. It took weeks for him to have any purposeful movements so that we might know he,was still having brain function. 5 months we stayed in PCH. For the longest time all he had were these horrifying dead stares but I tell you we could see him in there.

He was like an infant. He couldn’t even hold his head up, let alone eat on his own. LIttle by little our Seth strength returned. He learned to eat (tho we still have to use g tube for all the meds) He learned to crawl and we were discharged to home with this fragile little boy and no real answers.

We got his MMJ card an found some Jayden Juice from California. The docs have fought us EVERY single step of the way on this. It makes me so sad.

I think what I remember most is THE DAY that we gave him the MMJ his smile came back. I am sitting here balling just thinking about it. Seth was always a joyful child who brightened up a room with his spirit and while he was physically growing stronger everyday, he still was like an empty shell of a boy. I can’t really explain it any better than that. He was like a robot. No emotion. It was the happiest day of my life when he started to have feelings again.

The very next day he also took his very first step!!! Then FINALLY walk. You should see him today. The kid has learned all his colors, can count to 10 and is super feisty. He is able to speak 6 word sentences on good days. I honestly believe the sky’s the limit for him if we can only get his seizures under some sort of control and see what we are left with once we can get figured out what RX meds work and what don’t.

He was on 22 meds 3 times a day at one point plus he still does weekly IV steroid and IVIG infusions. Seth is currently still having the IV infusions and on 5 RX meds. Our hope is that someday he will be free of all the RX meds but it takes time to wean these fragile children from the meds that they have been given. Have you ever seen a child withdraw from benzos? It is heartbreaking.

I wish you could see him today after a little over a year treating with cannabis. He has a long ways to go but he IS GETTING THERE!



Eric and Michelle Crawford have been pestering the politicians in Frankfort for three years now in their efforts to have medical marijuana legalized. “From homebodies to activists – couple continues fight for medical marijuana” (in Kentucky)

MARLA TONCRAY marla.toncray@lee.net Apr 5, 2016   ORANGEBURG — Eric and Michelle Crawford have been pestering the politicians in Frankfort for three years now in their efforts to have me…

Sorgente: Eric and Michelle Crawford have been pestering the politicians in Frankfort for three years now in their efforts to have medical marijuana legalized. “From homebodies to activists – couple continues fight for medical marijuana” (in Kentucky)

New Zealand Tourette’s Patient Given Green Light To Use Medicinal Cannabis


A patient suffering from severe Tourette’s Syndrome has been given the OK to use a medicinal cannabis product.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has green-lighted the use of Aceso Calm Spray, after recommendations from health officials.

It’s the third application for a cannabis based medicine to be used.

Mr Dunne said he’s approved it once before.

The other application was withdrawn before a decision was made.

“The fact that the two cases that have come to my desk in the last year have both been approved suggest that if people complete the application get the information together, know what they’re talking about, the chances are they will get a positive response.” said Mr Dunne.

Former Trade Union president Helen Kelly has criticised Mr Dunne’s decision, saying she wants to know why he has approved this treatment and not Sativa or Indica, types of pain relief cannabis oil inhalers she and other cancer sufferers have applied to have approved without success.

“Peter Dunne says he didn’t even look at my application and I want to know why.

“You think he could make an effort. I’m not asking for special treatment but you’d think given the publicity he would say ‘can we look at her application’.”

Aceso Calm spray was of no use to her or anyone else seeking pain relief through medical marijuana use, Ms Kelly said.

“I’m stuck here taking illegal cannabis. It’s ok for me because I’m staunch but all these other people who want it lawfully.”

Ms Kelly said Mr Dunne was “acting like bloody Father Christmas” in deciding which medical marijuana drugs would and wouldn’t be approved.

“The system doesn’t work and he’s avoiding it but pretending he can do the work around.

“If he had a proper system [regarding the approval of] medical cannabis so that doctors could look after it he wouldn’t have to be the expert,” she said.

“He has not a clue that what he approved today is any better than what I’ve asked for.”


Cancer Patient Releases Graphic Pictures of His Tumour-Riddled Back to Demand Legalisation of Cannabis in Australia for Pain Relief


A cancer patient in agonising pain has shared graphic pictures of his tumour-scarred back as he calls for cannabis to be legalised.

When Wollongong father Paul Lawrence, 53, wakes up in the morning he feels like he has been ‘hit by a train’.

Six years ago doctors discovered a rare and massive tumour, known as a chordoma, growing from his spine and crushing his spinal cord.

‘I was given a month to live. I was announced inoperable,’ Mr Lawrence told Daily Mail Australia.

‘(But) I was fortunate enough to get recommended to a doctor willing to give it a go.’

So in a marathon surgery doctors at Prince of Wales Hospital sliced him open ‘like a zipper’ removing three vertebrae and the mass the size of a football.

The cancer and the surgery – which saw titanium rods inserted into his spine – has left the education trainer in excruciating pain.

‘That s*** doesn’t fix itself,’ he said. ‘That s*** hurts every single day.’

But there is one thing that helps – marijuana.

The rare chordoma tumour was crushing his spinal cord (pictured) under its immense weight and has left a painful legacy

The father-of-one said he realised cannabis was the answer after emerging from a ‘cloud’ of painkillers a couple of years after the operation.

He said while his prescribed painkillers worked, they were making him so ill he was unable to be a good parent for his 10-year-old son.

‘I wasn’t functioning as a parent. They were making me ill. They were literally killing me,’ Mr Lawrence said.

‘I had a hangover for 2.5 days and vomited violently and sweated (for days) for taking sleeping pills and painkillers for too long.

‘I couldn’t get out of bed to take the kid to school.’

Meanwhile, the only side effects of his regular cannabis use was he gets tired and hungry, he said – while the painkillers would ‘ruin me’.

Mr Lawrence, the face of a forthcoming pro-cannabis protest, is calling for the drug to be completely legalised to help other pain patients in situations like his own.


The state New South Wales is currently conducting a trial scheme for people with terminal illnesses to use cannabis to alleviate their pain, although Mr Lawrence does not believe it goes far enough.

And the Federal Government passed laws last month allowing the growth of medicinal cannabis – although critics argued it is still classed as an illicit drug.

Mr Lawrence said he suffers ‘mindnumbing, constant’ pain and using cannabis helped him psychologically.

‘The pain is pretty mindnumbing. It’s constant… It’s hard to distract yourself from it.

‘Just smoking pot gives you the opportunity to psychologically break a little bit away from the pain and bring about a pain free barrier.

‘It’s just giving your mind the opportunity to drift away from it.’

A National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre fact sheet warns the drug has been linked to mental health problems such as psychosis, anxiety and depression.

Mr Lawrence will appear at a ‘Free Cannabis NSW’ protest on April 9.





What I’ve Learned by Rick Steves, NORML Board Member April 5, 2016


I’ve worked hard to help legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana for adult recreational use in Washington State (where I live) and in Oregon. I was proud of these laws; they won because they were what I consider “public safety” laws — rather than “pro-pot” laws — and our communities are thankful they passed. California is voting on an even smarter law this November and when this passes, I believe the country will follow and our federal government’s long and stubborn war on marijuana will be history. California is critical in the battle to end the wrong-minded prohibition of our age.

That’s why I support the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This is smart, sensible policy that ends damaging prohibition and paves the path to a sensible marijuana policy in California. It respects the concerns of people who don’t smoke pot, of law enforcement, of employers, and of families with children. It’s not radical; it’s pragmatic…it’s common sense…and it’s time.

Those who wrote California’s “The Adult Use of Marijuana Act” learned from our experience in Washington (2012) and Oregon (2014). This smart law is a major step in ending this war on marijuana. And we need your help to pass it.

But we can’t make this happen without your help. Please, show your support in these early stages. It’s simple really: Just sign up today and endorse the Adult Use of Marijuana Act!

This isn’t about being “soft” on drugs or “hard” on drugs. This is about being smart — and controlling and regulating marijuana the right way.

Through my travels in Europe, I’ve learned that pragmatic harm reduction makes much more sense than legislating morality. And I believe in civil liberties. Responsible adults should be able to use marijuana, just as they can use alcohol. And my travels and our track record here in the Northwest have taught me that we can build a system of marijuana control and regulation that works. European countries manage an approach that protects children, keeps their roads safe, respects the rights and concerns of employers, spends fewer tax dollars, and solves health problems. The Adult Use of Marijuana Act is a smart, measured and balanced approach that can do the same thing.

Please, join me in supporting California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act and we’ll make huge progress on the national movement.

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White House protest sparks up against U.S. marijuana law

The mass of protesters gathered for a White House protest couldn’t quite wait for 4:20 Saturday afternoon, the pre-planned time they had designated to light their marijuana-packed joints and pipes in protest of the federal laws that prohibit the drug’s consumption.

Just past 4:17, plumes of smoke arose from the crowd of more than 100 people, which was surrounded by officers from the U.S. Park Police, Metropolitan Police and the Secret Service. Still, because the activists remained on the street (owned by the District, which has legalized pot possession) and off the sidewalks (owned by the federal government, which has not) no one was arrested. Just two people were given citations and $25 fines for public consumption. A man who knew the pair said they were confronted by police only after a member of their group accidentally blew smoke in an officer’s face.

The protest’s centerpiece was a giant balloon created to look like a marijuana joint. Initially the protesters carried the 51-foot tube to the corner of 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW, but Secret Service agents refused to let them bring the object to the White House while it remained inflated. The activists deflated it, brought it over on a cart and, shortly after 4 p.m., inflated it again, defying law enforcement’s orders.


Sorgente: White House protest sparks up against U.S. marijuana law