New Zealand Tourette’s Patient Given Green Light To Use Medicinal Cannabis


A patient suffering from severe Tourette’s Syndrome has been given the OK to use a medicinal cannabis product.

Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne has green-lighted the use of Aceso Calm Spray, after recommendations from health officials.

It’s the third application for a cannabis based medicine to be used.

Mr Dunne said he’s approved it once before.

The other application was withdrawn before a decision was made.

“The fact that the two cases that have come to my desk in the last year have both been approved suggest that if people complete the application get the information together, know what they’re talking about, the chances are they will get a positive response.” said Mr Dunne.

Former Trade Union president Helen Kelly has criticised Mr Dunne’s decision, saying she wants to know why he has approved this treatment and not Sativa or Indica, types of pain relief cannabis oil inhalers she and other cancer sufferers have applied to have approved without success.

“Peter Dunne says he didn’t even look at my application and I want to know why.

“You think he could make an effort. I’m not asking for special treatment but you’d think given the publicity he would say ‘can we look at her application’.”

Aceso Calm spray was of no use to her or anyone else seeking pain relief through medical marijuana use, Ms Kelly said.

“I’m stuck here taking illegal cannabis. It’s ok for me because I’m staunch but all these other people who want it lawfully.”

Ms Kelly said Mr Dunne was “acting like bloody Father Christmas” in deciding which medical marijuana drugs would and wouldn’t be approved.

“The system doesn’t work and he’s avoiding it but pretending he can do the work around.

“If he had a proper system [regarding the approval of] medical cannabis so that doctors could look after it he wouldn’t have to be the expert,” she said.

“He has not a clue that what he approved today is any better than what I’ve asked for.”



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