5 Ways 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has supported marijuana legalization

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren became the first major Democrat to announce that they were exploring running for president in 2020. Many people have since discussed whether or not Warren would be a good candidate for the Democrats in 2020. But not many people have talked about her stance on marijuana, writes Joseph Misulonas.  So here are five times Warren has supported marijuana legalization:

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UN Drug Commission delays THC rescheduling at 61 Session in Vienna, Austria

The UN’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) failed to reschedule cannabis at the 61st Session in Vienna, Austria, last month, bucking the expectations of activists. Per an anticipated recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO), many believed the CND would remove tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from Schedules I and IV, and make the cannabinoid a Schedule II, or perhaps deschedule it all together. Fentanyl, tramadol, and synthetic cannabinoids were castigated by all, but cannabis containing more than one percent THC will remain a topic of debate until March 2019.

Sorgente: UN Drug Commission delays THC rescheduling at 61 Session in Vienna, Austria

Last Week The Anti-Cannabis Gutter Press Launched An Attack On Mike Barnes. This Week It’s My Turn.

Peter Reynolds

Jonathan Bucks

An email popped into my inbox this morning announcing the Mail on Sunday’s intention to ‘do a hatchet job’ on me in tomorrow’s edition, just as it did to my friend and colleague Mike Barnes last weekend.  The email and my response are published below.

Evidently, cub reporter Jonathan Bucks took umbrage at my response to his work last weekend. My tweets from my own account and CLEAR’s seem to have upset him.  It’s no surprise at all of course to see a Mail publication using its power to bully an individual. That’s the way the Fleet Street Mafia works.  Six years ago it branded me a ‘cannabis zealot’ because I insisted on some scientific accuracy rather than hysterical scaremongering. See: ‘Boasts of cannabis zealot who forced anti-drugs JP to quit: Campaigner who made complaint says drug is ‘safer than peanuts”

From: Jonathan Bucks <Jonathan.Bucks@mailonsunday.co.uk>

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Bring Billy Home. The NHS Has Denied Him His Medicine Again. He Is Back In Canada.

Peter Reynolds

It’s probably the most shocking outcome of the new regulations on cannabis that the boy whose story created the change is in exile again.

Billy Caldwell, loved and adored by the whole nation, is back in Canada with his mum Charlotte because there is not a specialist doctor in the UK who will prescribe the medicine he needs.

He has written a heartbreaking letter to Santa, saying he doesn’t want any toys this year “My Xmas wish is to go home with my medicine”.

I doubt whether there has ever been a time when the British people’s opinion of doctors is sinking so fast.  Previously held in absolute reverence, more and more are realising that doctors are only human and some of their human characteristics are, frankly, disappointing.  I’ll go further, some are disgusting.

Dr Chad Taylor of Jersey General Hospital

Doctors no longer sign the Hippocratic Oath but they…

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The wave of cannabis legalization in the United States of America continues to sweep from coast-to-coast.  During the 2018 midterm elections, Michigan legalized recreational cannabis use and two other states voted to legalize medicinal cannabis use. Now, New Jersey wants in on the fun. Committees from both the state Senate and state Assembly of New Jersey approved a bill that would legalize the recreational sales and use of cannabis. The bill will now be voted on by the entire Democratic controlled state Legislature. Should it pass, it would then either be signed into law or vetoed by Democratic governor Phil Murphy. Murphy promised during the New Jersey Governor’s race that he would legalize recreational cannabis during his time in office.



The recreational cannabis legalization bill, which was revealed to the public only last week, would legalize the possession and use of one ounce or less of marijuana for people at least 21 years old. According toNJ.com, the bill would also impose a 12 percent tax on the commercial marijuana industry in the state. An extra 2 percent excise tax could be raised for towns which host cannabis businesses.

The legalization bill would most importantly force the Administrative Office of the Courts to establish an electronic filing system for expedited expungements. Language within the bill states that this must occur within the first six months of the passage of the bill.

When commenting on whether or not he would support the bill in its current form, Gov. Murphy said, “It’s too early to tell,” elaborating that, “We haven’t commented on specifics, but I am very happy that this is moving [forward].”





Cannabis Professionals. The Trade Association for the UK’s Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Businesses

Peter Reynolds

Cannabis Professionals (CannaPro) is the trade association for the UK’s cannabis, CBD and hemp businesses.

CannaPro will represent this fast-growing sector to the authorities, standing up to the Home Office, MHRA, FSA and Trading Standards, advocating for members’ interests, not acting as a government enforcer but as our members’ champion and to promote the development of the legal cannabis sector.

CannaPro will offer guidance and support to all businesses, helping them to navigate through law and regulations on drugs, medicines, food and cosmetics.

CannaPro will also launch a social media campaign, aiming to inform and educate the public about the benefits of CBD and the pitfalls.  The market is full of scammers, fake claims and snake oil salesmen.  Because of the historic stigma and fear around cannabis, government authorities are doing nothing, many people are misinformed and misunderstand.  CannaPro will explain the facts clearly and direct consumers to certified…

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What Is The Matter With Doctors About The Use Of Cannabis As Medicine?

Peter Reynolds

In the UK, most doctors, and the medical profession as a whole, are ignorant and bigoted about cannabis.

Their ignorance is not entirely their own fault.  For 50-odd years, since cannabis tincture was last available from UK pharmacies, they have been subject to the same relentless tide of propaganda from the Home Office, successive governments, the tabloid press and rabble-rousing politicians as the rest of society.  Many still regard cannabis as a dangerous drug consumed by degenerates that almost inevitably leads to mental illness.  The idea that it could be a safe and effective medicine which offers real benefits in a wide range of conditions is regarded as laughable.

However, there is no excuse for such laziness amongst a profession that regards itself as scientific.  And this is the charge – indolence, carelessness and laziness – that needs to be laid at those doctors at NHS England, the Royal College…

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NHS Guidelines Offer People Who Need Cannabis As Medicine Two Choices. Go Private Or Carry On Being A Criminal.

Peter Reynolds

Go Private…

…Or Be A Criminal

Following the new Misuse of Drugs Regulations, which came into force on 1st November, the NHS has issued guidelines on cannabis for medical use, both for clinicians and for the public.

The best that can be said about these is that they are NOT the law.  In fact they are inaccurate, misleading and provide a seriously distorted picture both of the new regulations and of the evidence that is available on the use of cannabis as medicine.  The crucial points are these.  There are NO RESTRICTIONS on what conditions cannabis may be prescribed for.  As well as oils, raw herbal cannabis may also be prescribed – for vaping only, smoking is prohibited. All the decisions are entirely in the hands of the prescribing consultant.

Of course, the problem is your consultant likely knows nothing about cannabis.

Action is being taken on medical…

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