Kaya Farms Now Open For Business – First Cannabis Dispensary In Jamaica

Balram Vaswani

For chairman and ‘Chief Ganja Officer’ of Kaya Farms,Balram Vaswani, opening the first medical marijuana dispensary in Jamaica was a dream come true. At the opening of the St Ann-based facility that also hosts sister companies Kaya Café, Kaya Herbhouse Kaya Spa, Vaswani said that it was a dream he has had since 1999.

He thanked those who stood by him through it all to see the birth of Kaya.

Following the official cutting of the ribbon, guests were allowed inside the herb house. Fully stocked, it will fulfil all weed needs. From miniature weed pipes to grinders, fancy wooden storage cases, lighters, rolling paper, and ash trays, it has everything you need to puff and roll up.

And, of course, there’s marijuana galore – Grape Escape, Love Triangle, 9lb Hammer, Golden Back, Sting-a-ling, and Flo, just to name a few of the varieties of herbs you can get.

In order to purchase Cannabis from the herb house, you must present a doctor’s recommendation. A doctor will be present at Kaya Herbhouse daily. If you feel like having a smoke after you have made your purchase, a smoking room is readily available.

There are other ways to experience the plant in various forms, all housed in the spa. Kaya spa has a variety of hemp-based products that you can try – lotions, facial scrubs, therapeutic pain relievers by Nature’s Roots, as well as spa treatments.

After a brief tour of the herb house, it was time to head up to the farm, where the real magic happens – where the Cannabis is grown and nurtured to be ready for sale.

Rolling into the farm, you are immediately hit by the sweet aroma of Cannabis. The tour takes you to the nursery, where the seeds are placed into root growers to get their roots before they are transferred to pots. Then, to the big house, the greenhouse, and the harvesting room, where the marijuana is hung to dry and cut for packaging.

With the tour over, there was no better way to get refreshed than at the café. Kaya Café wa s declared open after the ceremonial sipping of the first cup of coffee by Rohan Marley and Balram Vaswani. If you are not into coffee or pastry, you can get some pizza by the pizzeria, rum by the bar, or natural juices by the juice booth.

Irie FM was on hand to keep the full house rocking while giving away spot prizes and keeping guests high. While some lined up to see the doctor for their recommended joints, others shopped, ate, smoked, and enjoyed the vibes.








Cannabis lounge opens in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — The smoke was thick and business brisk at the Barbary Coast Dispensary’s marijuana smoking lounge, a darkened room that resembles a steakhouse or upscale sports tavern with its red leather seats, deep booths with high dividers, and hardwood floors.

“There’s nothing like this in Jersey,” said grinning Atlantic City resident Rick Thompson, getting high with his cousins in San Francisco.

Rick Thompson, left, and Keith Baskerville

Rick Thompson, left, and Keith Baskerville sample the marijuana at San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Dispensary, where pot smokers can enjoy their purchases in a lounge-like setting.

In fact, there’s nothing like the Barbary Coast lounge almost anywhere in the United States, a conundrum confronting many marijuana enthusiasts who find it increasingly easy to buy pot but harder to find legal places to smoke it.

Only California permits marijuana smoking at marijuana retailers with specially designed lounges. But it also allows cities to ban those kinds of shops.

Unsurprisingly, San Francisco is the trailblazer. It’s the only city in the state to fully embrace Amsterdam-like coffee shops, the iconic tourist stops in the Netherlands where people can buy and smoke marijuana in the same shop.

Nicole Elliot

San Francisco’s marijuana “czar”said new permits will be issued once city health officials finalize regulations designed to protect workers from secondhand smoke and the neighborhood from unwelcomed odors. The lounges are required to install expensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to prevent the distinct marijuana odor from leaking outside.


Other California cities are warming to the idea.

The city of West Hollywood has approved plans to issue up to eight licenses; the tiny San Francisco Bay Area town of Alameda said it will allow two; and Oakland and South Lake Tahoe each have one lounge. Sacramento, Los Angeles and other cities are discussing the issue but have not authorized any lounges.

Jackie Rocco, the city of West Hollywood’s business development manager, said residents and cannabis businesses complain there is “no safe place, no legal place, to use it.”

Rocco said city officials envision smoking lounges set up like traditional bars, but for now the idea is more concept than plan.

Meanwhile, lawmakers and officials in other states are dithering over the issue.

Massachusetts marijuana regulators considered approval of “cannabis cafes.” But the proposal came under withering criticism from Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration and law enforcement officials, who claimed among other things that opening such businesses would lead to more dangerously stoned drivers.

The five-member Cannabis Control Commission ultimately yielded to pressure by agreeing to put off a decision on licensing any cafes until after the initial rollout of retail marijuana operations, expected this summer. Members of the panel, however, continue to support the idea.

Jim Borghesani,

“Those who wish to consume cannabis are going to do so whether social sites exist or not, and are going to make driving decisions regardless of where they consume,” said Jim Borghesani, spokesman for the Massachusetts chapter of the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project.

“Social sites will simply give cannabis users the same options available to alcohol users,” he said.

In Colorado, one of the first states to broadly legalize, lawmakers failed in a close vote to make so-called “tasting rooms” legal. However, cities may do it, and Denver has authorized lounges where consumers bring their own marijuana, issuing a single permit so far.

Nevada has put off a vote on the issue until next year. Oregon has considered and rejected legislation. In Alaska, regulators rejected onsite use last year but are scheduled to revisit the issue next month.





Sleep issues are one of the most common health detractors in the United States. According to the American Sleep Association, between 50 and 70 million American adults have some of type of sleep disorder. Whether it be sleep apnea, poor sleep quality, or the occasional night filled with restlessness, many of us have at some point dealt with the negative effects of sleep deprivation.

Charlize Theron

On the March 7, 2018 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress Charlize Theron revealed her and her mother have historically struggled with insomnia. But she recently discovered cannabis edibles for insomnia treatment and is happy with the results. “I have really bad sleep, and so does my mom,” Theron admitted. “We were talking about cannabis because we do take sleep medication and I was saying to her, maybe we should figure out something that could help us with sleep.”

Cannabis edibles have helped Theron and her mother with insomnia, but they have also helped many others. There is some credible scientific evidence that supports thousands of anecdotal claims that edibles help treat sleep disorders.


According a study conducted by the U.S. Institute of Health, cannabis has the ability in certain circumstances to act as a sedative. This study does provide evidence that cannabis can help induce sleep, but it clarifies that not all cannabis compounds are right for insomnia. The authors of the study make clear that THC does have sedative effects but the CBD also “appears to have alerting properties [which] increased awake activity during sleep and counteracted the sedative effects of THC.”

Though the study’s results may seem surprising to some, it makes sense that CBD would induce more brain activity than THC. Many use CBD to treat depression and some of it’s common symptoms such as fatigue, and there is evidence that supports their claims. THC on the other hand is notorious for its sedative effects.


The idea of cannabis as a medicinal plant has gained popularity at an incredible rate over the past few years. Celebrities like Charlize Theron are becoming more open about their consumption of cannabis. As seen above, UFC fighter Nate Diaz even lit up a joint on live television a few weeks ago. Famous stars have always been proponents of cultural change and more will likely become vocal about their medical cannabis support.



Il Presidente Mattarella ha concesso la grazia a un malato condannato per cannabis – DolceVita

Il presidente della Repubblica, Sergio Mattarella, ha concesso la grazia a un uomo che era stato condannato a cinque mesi di carcere per aver coltivato alcune piante di cannabis a scopo di consumo terapeutico. Il presidente Mattarella ha riconosciuto che dietro la coltivazione allestita dal condannato, un uomo di 63 anni di Trento, vi erano solo ragioni di salute.

L’ufficialità della grazia è arrivata ieri, comunicata direttamente dall’avvocato dell’imputato, Fabio Valcanover. L’uomo graziato da Mattarella è malato di epatite cronica e sieropositivo. La sua condanna, che era stata confermata anche dalla Cassazione, aveva lasciato sconcertati. Il malato infatti era in possesso di regolare ricetta medica per l’uso di cannabis, ma a causa delle difficoltà riscontrate nell’approvvigionamento in farmacia, aveva messo a coltivazione due piante per non rischiare di rimanere senza cure.

«Bravo presidente, ha riconosciuto che si è trattato solo e soltanto di ragioni di salute», ha commentato l’avvocato Fabio Valcanover, che è anche un militante del Partito Radicale. La grazia è da considerarsi immediatamente esecutiva ed annulla del tutto la sentenza di condanna, che era stata di cinque mesi e dieci giorni di carcere e di 800 euro di multa.

Ovviamente la decisione del capo dello stato non inciderà in alcun modo sugli altri processi in corso o su altre condanne comminate in casi analoghi a questo. Si tratta diuna decisione che incide solo sul singolo caso, senza comportare alcuna modifica alle leggi vigenti, secondo le quali la coltivazione di cannabis rimane un reato. Di seguito il documento di grazia, privato di alcuni dati sensibili, così come diffuso dall’avvocato Valvanover.



Sorgente: Il Presidente Mattarella ha concesso la grazia a un malato condannato per cannabis – DolceVita

Canapa Expo Sud: dal 27 aprile a Catania la canapa incontra la cucina e il benessere – DolceVita

La cultura del biologico incontra quella della canapa per un evento all’insegna del benessere e del buon cibo, in una delle capitali della cucina per eccellenza: Catania. Questi gli ingredienti di Canapa Expo Sud, la prima fiera siciliana della canapa organizzata all’interno di CamBIOvita, in programma a Le Ciminiere dal 27 al 29 aprile ed organizzata dalla Expo di Barbara Mirabella in collaborazione con Compagnia delle Opere Sicilia Orientale e la Federazione Italiana Cuochi e l’Ass.ne Cuochi Etnei per ciò che concerne gli eventi sul palco Show Cooking.

La vasta “biodiversità” del territorio siciliano sarà al centro dell’evento, rappresentata da prodotti biologici, sani e genuini, coltivati e lavorati con cura, solo eccellenze rispettose dell’ambiente e della salute.

Si punterà sulla centralità della persona, nella sua ricerca di un benessere che è essenzialmente equilibrio proponendo un modo di vivere sano e naturale. Si scoprirà e si valorizzerà il territorio viaggiando in modo eco-compatibile alla ricerca di uno stabile equilibrio tra cultura, sport, salute e ambiente. Si parlerà di sostenibilità, ambiente ed emergenza climatica: il continuo aumento dei costi e la pericolosa dipendenza dall’importazione di energia. Si approfondirà il settore della canapa industriale e medica, i suoi campi di utilizzo e le sue proiezioni future.

Queste le tematiche dietro CamBIOvita Expo: tre giorni di grandi eventi, corsi, rassegne, convegni, degustazioni e workshop che faciliteranno l’incontro tra i professionisti, gli esperti, gli addetti ai lavori e il pubblico alla ricerca di domande e verità. Per cambiare in meglio la propria vita spesso basta rifuggire semplicemente dalle proprie cattive abitudini. Il primo step è acquisire consapevolezza. Su questa direzione e con un profondo spirito propositivo si muove CamBIOvita Expo.

All’interno degli spazi fieristici troverà ampio spazio Expo Canapa Sud, una fiera nella fiera – della quale Dolce Vita è media partner – che porterà in Sicilia i profumi, i sapori e le molteplici applicazioni, della canapa, con attenzione anche agli usi  alimentari, industriali e medici.

Tutte le giornate di fiera saranno arricchite da meeting e spettacoli sia per i visitatori che per gli operatori del settore, mentre i cuochi si alterneranno nell’area show cooking dando vita a piatti salutistici, vegani e naturali. Ogni sera dalle 18 CamBIOvita diventa “Cambia anima” con un percorso di aperitivi naturali, dj set e musica dal vivo.

L’ingresso alla fiera è gratuito scaricando l’invito omaggio. Per info:www.cambiovitaexpo.com

Sorgente: Canapa Expo Sud: dal 27 aprile a Catania la canapa incontra la cucina e il benessere – DolceVita

Industrial hemp pilot program unanimously passes Oklahoma House


An industrial hemp pilot program has unanimously passed through the Oklahoma House.

Jon Echols

HB 2913, by Rep. Mickey Dollens and Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols, expands Oklahoma’s agricultural options and creates the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program.

Mickey Dollens

“The potential provided in this bill is limitless,” said Dollens, D-Oklahoma City. “In the long term, industrial hemp could become a source of steady, recurring revenue for Oklahoma. Once we analyze results from this pilot program, our state can be on track to commercialize the product and strengthen our economic portfolio.”

The program will be headed by the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry. It will allow universities or farmers to contract with universities to cultivate certified hemp seed for research and development for industrial uses.

The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.




Weekly Legislative Roundup 3/9/19

End Prohibition: Representatives Tom Garrett (R-VA) and Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) have introduced bipartisan legislation, HR 1227, to exclude marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, thus leaving states the authority to regulate the plant how best they see fit.

The “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017” eliminates federal criminal penalties for possessing and growing the plant. This legislation gives states the power and flexibility to establish their own marijuana policies free from federal interference.

Click here to e-mail your Representative and urge them to support this important legislation

Rhode Island

Rep. Scott Slater (D) has introduced legislation, HB 7883, to place a non-binding marijuana legalization question on the state’s November ballot.

The proposal question would read: “Do you support the legalization of possession and use of marijuana by persons who are at least 21 years of age, subject to regulation and taxation that is similar to the regulation and taxation of tobacco and alcohol?”

RI resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of letting the voters weigh in


Legislation is pending, SB 2275, to place a non-binding marijuana legalization question on the state’s November ballot.

The question posed to voters would read: “Shall the State of Illinois legalize the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products for recreational use by adults 21 and older subject to state regulation, taxation and local ordinance?”

Update: SB 2275 passed the Senate by a 37-13 vote on 3/1, and now awaits action from the House.

IL resident? Click here to email your elected officials and tell them to let the people have a say


Legislation is pending, LD 1539, to greatly expand patients’ access to medical cannabis, as well as expand the pool of patients who are eligible.

Among changes proposed by the bill: Physicians would be able, at their sole discretion, to recommend cannabis therapy to any patient for whom they think it would benefit; Caregivers would be able to manage more than five patients at one time; Regulators would increase the total number of licensed dispensaries from eight to 14.

ME resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of medical expansion


House Bill 166 was introduced by Rep. John Sims Jr. [D] to allow for the physician-authorized use of marijuana for patients with specific debilitating medical conditions. Additional legislation, Senate Bill 118, is also pending to allow medical marijuana use in the Commonwealth.

If passed, these bills would provide patients with regulated access to medical cannabis via licensed providers.

Update: The House Judiciary Committee heard testimony on HB 166 on 3/6, and then decided to  table the bill for this session as a result of strong opposition from law enforcement. SB 118 is still awaiting action from the Senate Veterans, Military Affairs, & Public Protection Committee.

KY resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of medical marijuana access


Senator Sara Kyle (D) and Representative Larry Miller have introduced legislation SB 2320 and HB 2391 seeking to place a ballot initiative before voters with regard to the legalization of medical marijuana.

If passed, these bills would place the following advisory question on the November 2018 ballot: “Should the Tennessee legislature approve the use of medical marijuana?”

Update: HB 2391 was placed on the Local Government subcommittee calendar for 3/14/18. SB 2320 was put on the final calendar for The Senate State & Local Government Committee, date TBD.

TN resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of letting the voters decide

State Representative Jeremy Faison (R) and State Senator Steve Dickerson (R) are sponsoring legislation, SB 1710 and HB 1749 to establish a limited medical marijuana access program.

The measure permits qualified patients to possess marijuana-infused oil products, as well as other non-herbal forms of cannabis, from state-licensed dispensaries. Both patients and physicians would be required to participate in a state registry.

Update: HB 1749 is on the Criminal Justice Committee’s calendar for 3/14. SB 1710 is still awaiting action from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

TN resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of medical marijuana access

New York

Legislation is pending, A 9945, to expand veterans’ access to medical marijuana.

The measure waives administrative fees for patients who are veterans and/or who have been ‘honorably discharged’ from military service.

NY resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of better access for veterans


Additional Actions to Take

New Jersey

Legislation is pending, A3535, that would limit certain employers from discriminating against employees based solely upon their testing positive for marijuana on a drug test.

The bill “prohibits businesses receiving financial assistance from the New Jersey Economic Development Authority from taking any adverse employment action against an employee or prospective employee based upon a finding that the employee or prospective employee has used or tested positive for the use of marijuana” off the job.

NJ resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of employment protections for consumers

Rhode Island

Legislation is pending, H 7899, to protect state-registered medical marijuana patients from employment discrimination.

The measure reads: “It shall be unlawful for any employer to refuse to hire, discharge, or otherwise discriminate against a person with respect to any terms, conditions or privileges of employment, or any other matter directly or indirectly related to employment because of their status as a cardholder, including because of a positive drug test for marijuana components or metabolites, unless the patient cardholder possessed marijuana or was impaired on the premises of the place of employment or during the hours of employment.”

RI resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of employment protections for patients


Legislation is pending, Senate Bill 52, to legalize the possession, use, manufacture, and retail sale of cannabidiol products.

Update: HB 1214 was passed by the Senate by a 37-12 vote with amendments on 3/6, and now will be sent back to the House for approval. The House dissented from the Senate’s amendments on HB 1214 on 3/7, meaning they do not agree with the Senate’s proposed changes. A conference committee of two members from each house were appointed to work out a version of the bill that will be satisfactory to both houses.

IN resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of CBD access


Legislation is pending, HB 410, to provide “for the lawful use and possession of Cannabidiol Oil (CBD), if prescribed by a (licensed) practitioner.” Similar legislation, HB 577, is also pending, and already passed the House last month.

Update: Members of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee approved a motion to hold HB 577 in committee on 3/5 — a legislative procedure essentially halting the bill from moving forward. They then voted on 3/6 to vacate the decision to halt HB 577 from moving forward because the motion violated procedure.

ID resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of CBD access


Democratic Representative Mickey Dollens has introduced HB 2913: The Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program. If passed, this bill would allow universities to cultivate hemp for research and development purposes.

Update: HB 2913 passed the House by a 92-0 vote on 3/5, and now awaits action in the Senate.

OK resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of an industrial hemp pilot program


Legislation is pending, SB 263, to establish a state-licensed industrial hemp research program. It already passed the Senate last month.

Update: The House Committee on Agriculture is holding a hearing on SB 263 on Wednesday, 3/14 at 3:30pm in Room 582-N.

KS resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of an industrial hemp pilot program


Legislation is pending, House Bill 1137 to authorize the Indiana state department of agriculture to establish an agricultural pilot program to study the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp and industrial hemp products.

Update: Senate lawmakers decided on a voice vote on 3/2 to significantly amend HB 1137. As amended, farmers would no longer have the opportunity to grow hemp. Instead, lawmakers have suggested a summer study session to consider the prospect of moving forward with a hemp research program. The changes came after Gov. Eric Holcolm voiced his opposition to the bill.

Then, the bill was passed by the Senate 43 to 6, and was sent back to the House to approve the amendments. The House filed a motion to dissent on 3/7, meaning they do not agree with the Senate’s amendments to HB 1137. Now, a conference committee of two members from each house were appointed to work out a version of the bill that will be satisfactory to both houses.

IN resident? Click here to email your elected officials in support of industrial hemp research


Legislation is pending, SB 547 and HB 2034, seeking to modify provisions relating to industrial hemp.

If passed, the bills would allow the Department of Agriculture to issue a registration or permit to growers and handlers of agricultural and industrial hemp. It would also create an industrial hemp agricultural pilot program to be implemented by the Department of Agriculture to study the growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp.

Update: The Senate Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions and Ethics Committee approved SB 547 on 3/6, and is scheduled to be considered before the full Senate on 3/12.

MO resident? Click here to email your Senators in support of industrial hemp modifications

Check back next Friday for more legislative updates!



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La Polonia ha legalizzato l’uso medico della cannabis – DolceVita

Una battaglia iniziata due anni fa, appena entrato in Parlamento, che ha portato alla vendita legale nelle farmacie del Paese a partire dal primo di novembre. Secondo la legge che è stata approvata i pazienti devono ricevere il permesso di utilizzare la cannabis da un ispettore farmaceutico regionale, insieme all’autorizzazione di un medico. Le patologie includono il dolore cronico, la nausea indotta da chemioterapia, la sclerosi multipla, la spasticità e l’epilessia farmaco-resistente.

La cannabis sarà disponibile solo attraverso le farmacie registrate e deve essere prima depositata presso l’Ufficio per la registrazione dei medicinali. Delle 15mila farmacie registrate in Polonia, quasi il 90% sarà autorizzato a distribuire la cannabis e le istituzioni polacche prevedono che fino a 300mila pazienti potranno beneficiare della cannabis.

Sorgente: La Polonia ha legalizzato l’uso medico della cannabis – DolceVita

Aurora Cannabis Makes Key Leadership Appointments for Science Division

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (“Aurora”) (TSX: ACB) (OTCQB: ACBFF) (Frankfurt: 21P; WKN: A1C4WM) today announced the appointments of Dr. Shane Morris as Vice President Product Development and Regulatory Affairs, and that of Dr. Kelly Narine as Vice President of Research.

The appointments are part of Aurora`s continued initiative to develop a dedicated scientific division, tasked with the development and launch of new technologies and products, as well as to conduct advanced scientific research. Aurora expects that the division’s initiatives will create novel, higher-margin products and revenue streams that are safe and backed by rigorous scientific research/testing.

Vice President Product Development and Regulatory Affairs

In this newly created role, Dr. Morris will be responsible for the development and market introduction of new cannabis products, as well as provide strategic, regulatory leadership on all new cannabis products. The appointment of Dr. Morris reflects Aurora`s commitment to rigorous science-based innovation, driving the launch of higher-margin cannabis-based products for both the medical market and the adult consumer use market, once legalized. The Company, which is one of the leading suppliers to the Canadian and international medical cannabis markets, anticipates strong growth, driven in part by new adopters of cannabis-based products, and believes that new formulations and drug delivery methods will be key elements in driving competitive differentiation.

Dr. Shane Morris

Dr. Morris, an experienced executive in the cannabis industry since 2015, was previously part of the senior leadership team at Hydropothecary, a Quebec based licensed producer. His proven expertise in quality assurance, cannabis operations, regulatory affairs and science will prove essential in bringing new cannabis products to market efficiently and effectively. Prior to his activities in the cannabis industry, Dr. Morris had fifteen years of experience at the science and policy interface, working on high-profile risk issues within the Canadian Federal Government. He has held senior positions and/or executive appointments at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Public Health Agency of Canada, Natural Resources Canada and Treasury Board Secretariat, where he advised cabinet on regulatory issues. Dr. Morris holds a doctorate from the National University of Ireland in biotechnology and publishes/lectures widely on regulation, risk and policy.

Vice President of Research

Dr. Narine will be leading the Company’s research innovation and research partnerships portfolios. Her work will be focused on human health outcomes, product safety, plant biotechnology, and early product development & testing. Dr. Narine has deep expertise in successfully translating promising research into positive human health outcomes. Her appointment and the initiatives that the Company intends on undertaking will drive the development of a significant pipeline of science-based and -backed offerings, which management believes will resonate strongly with the large and rapidly growing domestic and international cannabis markets.

Dr. Narine

Dr. Narine received her PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of Alberta where she studied molecular and cellular changes in pathways of carcinogenesis. Subsequently, she worked in the life sciences industry in Edmonton in the areas of clinical affairs and quality assurance, ultimately as Director of Clinical Affairs at Afexa Life Sciences, Inc. Transitioning back into academia at the University of Alberta, Kelly managed two province-wide interdisciplinary research and education programs, the first in Cardiology and the subsequent program in Oncology. Most recently, she was the Director of Operations for two Translational Science Institutes at the University of Alberta: the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute and the Cancer Research Institute of Northern Alberta.

CanniMed – Aurora Medical Cannabis Centre of Excellence

With completion of the CanniMed acquisition anticipated shortly, the Company will be able to accelerate the build up of its medical science division. The Company intends for CanniMed’s Saskatchewan operations to become Aurora`s Medical Cannabis Centre of Excellence. Dr. Morris and Dr. Narine will co-ordinate efforts and work closely with the CanniMed science team on new medical initiatives.

Management commentary

“These key appointments reflect our commitment to a science-based approach to innovation, product and technology development,” said Terry Booth, CEO. “Our intention is to develop a strong pipeline of new, higher-margin revenue streams to capitalize on the tremendous opportunity in the medical cannabis and adult consumer use markets. Science and innovation are cornerstones of our global growth strategy, and with Shane and Kelly we now have highly experienced leadership for the science division. Furthermore, once completed, the CanniMed acquisition will provide a strong foundation to build our medical science division on, and help further differentiate and diversify our product offering.”

Dr. Morris added “I am thrilled to join the Aurora team, a frontrunner in the cannabis industry in Canada and globally. I look forward to the exciting opportunity to develop and launch new products for existing and new markets across the globe, and help Aurora’s continued rapid growth.”

Dr. Narine added, “To join the innovation leader in this sector, and help develop new offerings with positive human health outcomes, as well as work on the early-stage development of new technologies for a market that has proven to be exceptionally receptive, is extremely exciting. I look forward to working with the Aurora team and helping to advance our scientific leadership in the sector.


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